Home Therapy & Lifestyle Management

The home treatment service provides an opportunity to receive therapeutic care in the comfort of a home setting. This ” in home service” facilitates better recuperating reaction from a therapy than with  after therapy traveling often associated with holistic care services that are none boarding. The service also opens the opportunity for the clinic as well as the client to have a thorough general assessment done. Within the context of the natural environment of clients, much information for providing optimal care services and planning can be acquired. This is of benefit to any form of care, whether therapeutic in nature or  generally related to lifestyle management.

Our Holistic Therapist will visit your home and provide the service  for which you have registered.

Hydrotherapy is a powerful water based therapeutic treatment that utilizes water at different temperatures to stimulate healing. It can be used to manage both chronic and acute conditions.

  • It is accessed only via practitioner recommendation based on health needs.
  • A hydrotherapy treatment is scheduled as needed.

Our therapeutic massage treatment is a service that can be done in the comfort of your own home. This service is ONLY available to patients with health conditions for which this therapy is indicated or where the practitioner deems it a useful option.  It can be used to manage chronic  conditions.

  • It is accessed ONLY via practitioner recommendation based on healthcare needs.
  • A therapeutic massage treatment is scheduled only as needed.

This service involves an assessment and scheduled visits for providing the suitable care. Our staff will answer any questions you have.

The service is available to those dealing with conditions that necessitates a thorough regulation of their diet. A practitioner will visit your home to obtain a better picture of the dietary habits in a home context – then work with you to create a holistic management plan.