Follow up appointments

Local Clients – If you have an active case – within the past 3 months, and you are making a follow-up appointment. Please login via the clinic portal and make the appointment from your dashboard.

Virtual clients –  if you had signed-on to an e-Consult lifestyle service and your access has expired, please use our contact form to make contact with us. If however, you still have access, you may renew you service from your dashboard. Or, you may purchase a different package.

Required Docs


All Clients - Personal Q&A


Note – Use this BUTTON ONLY if, you are undecided  about our service, have questions, OR,  want to understand better our approach, and would like to speak personally  with a practitioner for  your own decision making. You can book a short 20 minutes intake e-consult (A cost is attached).  If this is your desire; click the “BOOK NOW” button below to schedule your session.

Bookings - Clinic

Initial Appointment

Initial appointment (First Visit) – if this describes you, welcome, we honored to serve you. Kindly navigate to the ” Required Docs” section in the side bar. Download and fill in forms 1 & 2, and consent form (Or, the forms your were instructed to download during an “intake e-Consult” session).

Next, use the ” clinic -login” link on the general information page (to get there, click clinic link in main menu). You will be redirected to the “Patient Portal”. At this stage, click the “Register” button and complete the self registration. This will create a clinic patient account for you. Here you can book an appointment and upload the documents and click send. Use your message box to contact the clinic if you need help or call +501-628-3985. You MUST upload a copy of your ID for verification purposes.   you can also use the button below if you are going to that link from here.
Returning Clients

Last active contact was  over 7 months. You are seeking a new appointment. MRN required  if you no longer have access to the patient portal. Book an intake e-Consult session and discuss with an attendance what your needs are, and you will be guided from there forward.

If you still have acess to the portal, go ahead and book your appointment.