Available Times

Working Hours

Times are in GMT -6: Support services are
within those times. You may shop at your convenience

Follow up appointments

If you have an active case – within the past 2 to  3 months, and you are making a follow-up appointment. Please login via the client portal and make the appointment from your dashboard.
On the other hand, if you had signed-on to a Tele-Consult lifestyle service and your access has expired, please use our contact form to make contact with us. If you still have access, you may renew you service from your dashboard, or purchase a different package.

New Clients

Initial appointment (First Visit) – if this describes you, welcome. Kindly visit the SERVICES  section to view our current offerings. You may use the link in the navigation bar to the left to view services. Once you have decided you want to proceed with making an appointment, you have two options. 

  1. Fill in the health survey and submit the appointment request . You will be contacted
  2. (Optional) If, you are undecided and want to understand better our approach, and to talk briefly with a practitioner to aid your decision making. You can book a short 20 minutes virtual consult (A cost is attached). 

Use the “online Consult” button to book your 20 minutes session – only, if you want to speak with someone before proceeding with an official appointment request.

Returning Clients

If you were a previous client with a closed case over 6 – 7 months, and you are seeking a new appointment; you must submit an appoint request.
If however, your case has been closed for 1 year or more, you will need to use the new clients section to request an appointment. Please include your MRN when submitting your information.

Tele-Consult Clients

Package purchase –  You have never used our services before; but have decided you want to sign on to one of our lifestyle coaching packages. If you need help deciding which one would be best for your health goals, you may book one of our pre-service sessions (payment required) and speak with one of your practitioners. However, if you are confident which service you desire, you may go ahead and request the package. This involves filling in and submitting the required forms and making payment. You can find more information on each program by selecting the INFO button, once visible.
Tele-Consult Clients will use the Coaching Center Login link in the side menu to access their dashboard and manage future appointments.